About the Managing Director / Vinny Madden

Owner, Vinny Madden joined ARRI Lighting in 2005, where he completed an apprenticeship to join the film industry as a lighting technician/electrician.

In 2010 he completed his apprenticeship and went on to qualify as a certified

His first job after leaving ARRI Lighting in 2010 was working on the first season of Game of Thrones, which sparked extensive opportunities to work in the media and entertainment industry.

Earning years of experience and learning the industry, he landed some interesting
Best Boy positions. One of these was based in Belfast working on ‘The Lost City of
Z’ (2016), a successful adventure movie.

It became apparent to him, that the lighting consumables that were necessary for the job were only available from companies based in or around London, making it difficult to maintain stock for the productions.

After noticing the lack of available camera, lighting & sound consumables in Belfast,
Vinny set up Martini Consumables.

This branch in Belfast proved very successful, encouraging him to open a further branch near London, where the film and TV industry was booming. Due to the success of both of these branches, Martini Consumables are now opening a further branch in Ireland.


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